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How to Design Your Own Website With WordPress

Designing of your own wordpress website feels like a difficult task,if you don't know where to start.In this article, we'll help walk you through choosing a simple to use, premium WordPress theme and then show you how to setup your own site on WordPress quickly. Get your business website up and running fast.

Use a Simple WordPress Website Theme Design

When it comes to wordpress,There is no shortage of premium wordpress themes that are suitable for a variety of niche websites. From business to portfolio websites, almost anyone can find a premium website theme designed with a specific industry in mind.

You can also findout the multi purpose premium wordpress themes that can be focus on your website.And there is also a choice of simple wordpress those who wants to design their website quickly and easily.

We can get the several benifites with the simple wordpress theme:

  • Faster Loading Times - Due to their often minimal design, simple website themes will creates the positive impact on your site’s loading time.
  • Quick and Easy Setup - Simple website design themes are far from being boring and easy to setup. Their setup and the customization options are usually just a click away and require no coding.
  • Better SEO - Another advantage  of simple website templates is that they will improve your search engine rankings because your site will load faster.
  • More Focus on Your Content - As mentioned before, the minimalistic site design will put your content front and center, which is perfect if you want your call-to-action to stand out.

​Before You Get Started

Before starting your site,you have to buy the Domain name,Secure Hosting plan and choose a good lookin theme,and write a content on your site.

​1)Choose killer Domain name

Choosing the Domain name is first thing.Depending upon the motivation behind your website, you may run with your business name or the name if your webpage will be to a greater degree an individual blog. Another alternative is to utilize categorized watchwords that are identified with the subject and classes you intend to expound on.

2. Expert Hosting Plan

Once you have selected your name, then next step is to choose the hosting plan. The Hosting plan begin as low as $5/month.

3. Premium WordPress Theme

With the Domain name and the Hosting plan off the beaten path, you have to select the suitable theme for your site. There are a lot of premium WordPress themes to browse that offer advantages, for example, bolster from the topic creator and an appealing, responsive design.


Finally, you’ll need to plan and write the content for your site. Make a list of all the pages you want to have on your site a write a couple of paragraphs for each of them. You may want to consider adding a services page that lists your packages if your website is business oriented. Don’t forget to include a Contact page as well as an About page so your visitors can learn more about you and have a way of contacting you.

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