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Why Selenium testing is Trending now?


Selenium is a open source testing tool for all the web appliications and supported by all the web browsers.Selenium is mainly focuses on automated web-based appliications.If Testing done by Selenium tool usually called as "Selenim Testing".

Selelnium not just a single tool.It's a pack (or) Collection of Software's.Each one is used to different testing needs of software.

Selenium is a collection of four components.

  • Selenium Integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

And Selenium Remote Control and WebDriver both are merged into a single framework to form a Selenium

Who is the Developer of Selenium?

Selenium tool is a collection of differen softwares.And it has been developed by the different Developers.

These following are key persons who made the notifiable contribution to the Selenium Project.

Primarly,Selenium was created by Jason Huggins in 2004.An engineer at his Thought Works, he was working on a web application and it was required frequent testing. He was realized that the repetitious Manual Testing of their web application was becoming more and more inefficient and it leads to the quality issue for that web application,so he created a JavaScript program that would automatically control the browser's performance and actions. He named this program as the "JavaScriptTestRunner."

Then he made these ideas to the "Open-Source" for to help the automated other web application.Which was later re-named as Selenium.

Birth of Selenium2

In the year of 2002,The whole team of Selenium decided to merge the both WebDriver and Selenium Remote Control (SRC) for to create the more powerful tool called as Selenium2.Nowadays most of the Selenium projects are focused o the Selenium2.

Introduction of Selenium IDE

Selenium Integrated Development Environment(IDE) is the simple Framework in the Selenium Siute.It is easy to learn and its is in the form of FireFox Plugin.You can install this plugin like as other Browser's plugin's.


  • it is easy to install.
  • No programing knowledge required,you can use it with having the knowledge on HTML and DOM.
  • Provides support for the Extensions.


  • This is available only for the Firefox.
  • No support for the iterations and Conditional Operations.
  • Test execution is slow when compared to the WebDriver and Selenium Remote Control.

Introduction of Selenium Remote Control(Selenium RC)

Selenium RC is the flagship testing framework to the Selenium for a logtime.This is the first automated Web testing tool.Which allows the user to use the programming language what they prefer.And Selenium RC supports the following programming languages.

  • Java
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby


  • Can performs the Loop and Conditional operations.
  • Can readily supports new browsers.
  • Faster execution when compared to IDE.


  • Installation is more complicated when compared to the IDE.
  • Must have programming knowledge to use it.
  • Selenium RC driver needs to be running inorder to interact it.
  • Browser interaction is less realistic.
  • Slower execution when compared to the WebDriver.

Introduction of WebDriver

WebDriver is better than both IDE and Selenium RC in many aspects.It can implements the more modern and stable approaches in automate the browser's actions.Selenium RC doesn't rely on the Javascript automate,but WebDriver can do it.It controls the browser by directly communicating with it.

It can also supports the all the languages which languages has been supported by the Remote RC.


  • Installation is simple than Selinium RC.
  • Communicates directlt with the browser.
  • Browser interaction is more realistic.
  • No need of seperate components.
  • Faster execution than IDM and Selenium RC.


  • Installation is more complicates than Selinium IDE.
  • Requires a programming knowledge to use it.
  • Can't readily supports the new Browsers.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is a software tool ,uses along with Selenium RC inorder to run the parallel tests on the different browsers and different machines.

parallel tests means running the multiple tests at once.

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